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Panel Meters are vital to visually see how your process control machinery is functioning. Within our extensive range, you will find analogue and digital meters, VU meters, and power panel meters from brands including Lascar, HOBUT, Schneider Electric and Murata Power Solutions. We also stock a large number of current transformers to complement the panel meter range.

What are panel meters used for?

Panel meters are instruments that read input signals, such as voltage or current and display these signals in either a digital or analogue format so that they can be interpreted by a user.

What types of panel meter are available?

They’re usually found mounted within industrial panel enclosures and require a hole to be cut to house them. So they are usually manufactured to DIN sizes.

Panel meters are available with lots of different additional functionalities like data transfer options, alarms, wireless communications capabilities. Ultimately is it important to determine what output is needed from the panel meter to determine what type is required.

Here is an overview to the most popular panel meter and complementary components:

Digital panel meters

Panels with a digital display are available in different types that work with different input signals such as AC voltage or DC power. These can then have further specifications including the number of digits it can display, the size of the panel face, the display colour and connection points. Our range includes:

  • Digital panel voltmeters
  • Digital panel ammeters
  • Digital Panel multi-function meters

Analogue panel meters

Analogue displays look similar in design to old style car speedometers with a needle and gauge. Types are available to work with nearly any input signal including voltage or current, in either AC or DC. Our range includes:

  • Analogue panel ammeters
  • Analogue panel voltmeters
  • Current transformers - used to measure alternating current (AC)
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