Polyester Resins & Adhesives

Polyester resin, sometimes referred to as ’unsaturated polyester resin’ or more simply ’polyester’ is a type of adhesive paste, filler and laminating resin. The resin normally comes as a pale, viscous solution or paste containing a polyester solution, normally styrene.
Polyester resins can be used to fill and join seals in metal, wood, hardboard, asbestos, concrete and plaster among many other materials. They don’t need pressure to form a bond, and can also be referred to a ’contact resins’. Polyester resins are commonly used in marine environments such as workboats, dinghies and yachts, as they office resistance to weather, water and some chemicals.
Some polyester resins require a hardener to set, while others can set on their own. Polyester resins tend to have a fixed storage life as some may set on their own during storage.
• Generally cures and sets faster than epoxy resin.
• Polyester resins are lower cost resins, and can be more suitable for hobbies.
• Polyester resins can often be painted over.

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Description Price Application Product Form Package Type Polyester Type Cure Time Colour Package Size
RS Stock No. 226-9914
Mfr. Part No.Teroson UP 130
Asbestos, Bakelite, Glass, Hardboard, Metal, Stone, Wood Paste Tub Unsaturated PET 20 min - 739 g
RS Stock No. 226-9992
Mfr. Part No.360677
Filling Paste Tin Unsaturated PET 10 min White 180 ml
RS Stock No. 578-415
Mfr. Part No.1508274
- - Cartridge - - - 380 g