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    Carrying Handles

    A carrying handle enables the user to carry or manoeuvre transit and equipment cases with ease. Cases with handles may make it easier to carry electronics and other equipment, or several pieces of equipment at once.

    Types of Carrying Handle

    Handles are available in several ergonomic styles to suit needs or adapt to the type of storage compartments used. Some handles include extra features for convenience or use unique form factors. Whether an additional or replacement handle is needed can find several options for handles and mounting hardware. A few of the most common handle types are:

    • Standard- The standard grip attaches to a case using small mounting screws. These handles have a bar design that is easy to grab and often hinged so they can be positioned flat against the lid when it is not in use.
    • Spring-loaded- A handle with a spring mechanism that will stay recessed completely within the lid when not in use.
    • Straps- A strap will function similarly to a bar, but offers extra flexibility.

    What materials do carrying handles use?

    Carrying handles can come in a variety of materials such as:

    • Metal- Steel and stainless steel are extremely durable and can come with a chrome or matte finish.
    • Plastic - A lightweight option, ABS plastic provided added reliability.
    • Rubber- Rubber grips are soft and flexible.

    Features and Benefits

    • Variety of mm sizes to meet different dimensional requirements
    • Choice of different styles
    • Improves the form and function of product
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