Sharpening Stones

A Sharpening Stone is used to sharpen edges and other surfaces, through an application known as "grinding" and "honing".

What is a Sharpening Stone?

A Sharpening Stone is also known as a whetstone and comes in a range of stone types that create different finishes including India Stone, Slip Stone and Oil Stone.

What is Grinding and Honing?

Honing is a process that produces a precision surface on a metal surface. This is done through scrubbing or grinding an abrasive stone such as an India Stone or a Japanese Waterstone along the edge.

Which Sharpening Stone do I use?

There are several different types of stones that you can use for sharpening a surface. The type that you choose entirely depends on the surface that you are looking to sharpen.

Types of sharpening stones:
  • Oil Stones - A more traditional choice of Sharpening Stone. Comprised of three main materials - Novaculite, Aluminium Oxide and Silicon Carbide. Oil stones use oil for swarf removal, which is the term used for metal filing.

  • Water Stones - This type of Sharpening Stone comes in both natural stone form and a synthetic stone material. Water Stones enable fast cutting and use water to remove swarf from stone.

  • Diamond Stone - These type of stones for sharpening contain small diamonds which are attached to the face of a metal plate. A Diamond Sharpening stone is one of the "harder" versions for sharpening.

How to choose the correct stone?

  • Coarse stone is an ideal choice for re-shaping or re-establishing an edge and removing nicks.

  • Medium is ideal to turn a basic edge into a very sharp edge

  • The fine option is mostly used for the final polishing.

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