Weller is one of the most widely recognised brands of soldering products for use in the design, manufacture and repair of electronics. Their advanced range of professional soldering stations, soldering irons, soldering tips and fume extraction systems deliver superior results with maximum ease of use.

Developed with the professional engineer in mind, Weller's soldering products are reliable and easy to use in order to optimise productivity and improve efficiency.

Weller is part of the American Apex Tool Group and has operations in more than 30 countries employing over 8,000 people.

The Weller range includes:

  • Gas soldering irons.
  • Electric soldering irons in a range of wattages.
  • Battery operated soldering irons.
  • Soldering stations and rework stations.
  • Soldering iron tips.
  • Soldering accessories such as soldering iron stands, solder dispensers, steel wool and replacement parts.
  • Solder fume extraction systems.

Welcome to the world of WXsmart!

The all-in-one WXsmart hand soldering platform offers maximum traceability and connectivity. As the most connected, controlled and secured hand soldering solution in the world, WXsmart is connecting
the future of soldering!

Featured Products

Wxsmart Soldering Station

  • All-in-one station acts as the brain of the workbench by consolidating all soldering applications into one station
  • Platform supports Smart Soldering 4.0 with intelligent tips and tools saving cost, time and space
  • The first hand soldering station with cyber security to prevent costly downtimes
  • Total Process Control (TPC) to manage your complete soldering process from tip to station

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Weller Micro and Ultra Soldering Iron with Active–Tip Heating Technology

  • Intelligent Irons for multiple functions
  • Visual process control
  • Intelligent tool detection
  • Up to 10 parameter settings which can be customized
  • Fast heat-up time: 3 sec. From 50°C to 350°C / From 120°F to 620°F

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Intelligent Soldering Tips

New smart tips offer multiple new features thanks to the integrated chip in every tip:

  • 3 sec with excellent heat transfer and recovery time
  • Automatic tip identification
  • Tip lock functionality for full process control
  • Unique individual serial number for full traceability
  • Tip off-set function
  • Integrated data storage allowing full traceability for calibration history

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