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  • RS Stock No. 226-287
  • Brand Multicore
  • Mfr. Part No. 706397
  • RoHS Status
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TypeSoldering Iron Tip Cleaner
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Xi: irritant.
R22: harmful if swallowed.
R36: irritant to the eyes.
R37: irritant to respiratory tracts.
R41: risk of serious damage to the eyes.

Tip tinning and cleaning product

Product for cleaning and re-tinning of highly oxidised soldering irons.
Grey, lead-free paste.
Activators are broken down by heat.
Minimal residue.
Suitable for use in processes involving lead and lead-free processes.
Alloy complies with international purity criteria.

Lead Free Solder Reels

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Indispensible when using ROHS solders
This is the only product I've ever found that does well at resotring the tinned finish of soldering irons that are in use all day on ROHS compliant solders. We find this to be best paired with the brass shaving type of iron cleaner. If you're working with ROHS solders, throw away your damp sponge and get this instead, also clean tip regularly with the brass shaving cleaner.


Reviewed by:
ED @ ESTechnical

Created on:
Jul 13, 2012

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