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  • Availability Discontinued product
  • RS Stock No. 197-9878
  • Brand Magnatec
  • Mfr. Part No. 2SA1302-0
  • RoHS Status
    Not Applicable
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  • Alternative
    MJL4302AG, PNP Bipolar Transistor, 15 A 350 V HFE:10 V 35 MHz Power, 3-Pin TO-3BPL
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CategoryBipolar Power
Maximum Collector Emitter Voltage200 V
Maximum DC Collector Current15 A
Maximum Operating Frequency25 MHz
Maximum Power Dissipation150 W
Minimum DC Current Gain60 V
Mounting TypeThrough Hole
Number of Elements per Chip1
Package TypeTO-264
Pin Count3
Transistor TypePNP
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PNP Power 6A to 30A

PNP Power

Transistors are semiconductor devices used for the amplification or switching of electrical signals and power. A Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) is a three-terminal device comprising three layers of doped semiconductor material. A PNP device is one of the two types of bipolar transistors, consisting of a layer of N-doped semiconductor (the "base") sandwiched between two P-doped layers.
Genral purpose Bipolar Junction Transistors may be broadly divided into two areas - Small Signal types, genrarally having a current rating of up to 1000mA, and Power types, with a current rating of more than 1A.

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