• RS Stock No. 748-5300
    • Brand Arduino
    • Mfr. Part No. A000032
    Breadboard and Wire Kit
    Product Details

    Arduino Base Component Kits

    Kit Base (without Arduino board) is a selection of the components necessary to participate in an Arduino Workshop, all in a useful portable box. A000032 is also available containing just the breadboard and wire.

    1 x Breadboard, 840 tie points
    70 x Breadboard jumper wires
    40-pin strip single row pin header
    5 x PCB pushbuttons
    3 x Red LEDs
    1 x Yellow LED
    1 x Green LED
    25 x Resistors: 5 x 10kΩ, 10 x 220Ω, 5 x 2.2kΩ, 5 x 330kΩ
    13 x Capacitors: 5 x 100nF polyester, 5 x 10nF polyester, 3 x 100μF electrolytic 25Vdc
    1 x 10kΩ potentiometer, pcb terminals
    2 x BC547 transistors
    1 x Piezo buzzer
    2 x 4N35 optocouplers DIP6
    2 x Tilt sensors
    1 x 1N4007 diode
    1 x IRF520 MOSFET

    Arduino Workshop Base Level Kit contents (A000028)

    Arduino Breadboard and Wire Kit contents (A000032)

    1 x Breadboard, 840 tie points
    70 x Breadboard jumper wires
    Breadboard and wire

    AVR Microcontrollers, Atmel

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      RS Stock No. 748-5300
      Description Breadboard and Wire Kit
      Manufacturer/Brand: Arduino
      Mfr. Part No. A000032
      The foregoing information relates to product sold on, or after, the date shown below.
      Date Jul 3, 2015
      RS Components Ltd, Birchington Road, Corby, Northamptonshire, NN17 9RS, UK
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