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    Accessory TypeTri-Clover Mounting Kit
    For Use WithSquitch 2 Ultrasonic Liquid Level Switch, Mini-SQUING Compact Vibrating Fork Liquid Level Switch
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    Mini Squing, Vibration Level Control Probe - Hygienic

    Suitable for use where hygiene is important e.g. in food industries
    Tuning fork (50mm stainless steel) style point level switch
    Install in any position: high or low level
    20 to 500mA (Switched Load Two-wire Output)
    LED 'heartbeat' indicates correct functioning
    LED indicates the state of the wet side: One flash per second when off, Constant illumination when on
    Reverse polarity/short circuit protection
    Ingress protection to IP66
    Magnetic test point for manual functional testing
    Hygienic fitting Tri-Clover mounting flange
    Hand polished wetside and surface finish (Ra) better than 32μm
    51mm Tri-clover clamp available separately, (see accessories)

    Operating pressure 30 bar @ 150°C
    Operating temperature -40°C min, +150°C max
    Ambient temperature -40°C to +80°C (derated to 50°C at 150°C wetside)
    Time delay/respone (water) 1 sec wet-dry/dry-wet
    Switch point 13mm from tip in water (vertical) / from edge (horizontal) of fork
    Switching delay 1 sec dry to wet / wet to dry
    Switching hysteresis 2mm
    Specific gravity (SG) range 0.6 to 2.0
    Liquid Viscosity 0.2 to 10000cps
    Wetside Material (Fork) 316L stainless steel
    Body material 304 stainless steel with polyester label
    Dryside body material Glass filled nylon PA66 with Polyamide
    LED window
    Electrical connection Plug and PG9 gland provided

    Vibrating Liquid/Solid Level Probes - Squings

    All of these probes are maintenance free and have external LED switch status indication

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