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    • Mfr. Part No. mbed matrix1
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    ClassificationDevelopment Kit
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    mbed Prototyping Matrix Board

    Prototyping PCB designed for use with the ARM mbed module.

    Sockets for: 40-pin mbed module, DC power in
    Footprints for: Ethernet socket, SD card connector, mini USB connector, 3xSOIC8, 2xTSSOP8, 2xSOT23-3, 1xSOT23-6, 2xSOT363-6, 1xSOT223, 1xSOIC16, 1xSOIC16(W), 1xTSSOP28, 1xTSSOP28(W), 1xTO252
    Breadboard area: 18 row x 19 column holes, additional row 0.15 inch

    Processor Modules

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